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Nickelback Was Used by President Trump to Troll Joe Biden and Everyone Lost It

By Gary Trock

President Donald Trump tried to take a shot at Joe Biden and his son over their dealings in Ukraine, but instead, he forced everyone to listen to Nickelback.

It all started Wednesday evening when Trump tweeted out a video of Biden, alongside the caption "LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!"

The video was an interview of Biden claiming he had never asked about his son, Hunter's, "overseas business dealings" before fading into Nickelback's 2005 music video for "Photograph."

The photo held up by frontman Chad Kroeger shows the Bidens standing next to an alleged Ukranian gas executive during a round of golf.

The meme has been used for Internet trolls since 2007, but after the President of the United States used it, all hell broke loose.


People immediately responded to President Trump's message, and it wasn't pretty for anyone, especially Nickelback.

"The orange menace has done a lot of garbage things, but I never thought he’d do something’s as uniquely scummy as getting Nickleback stuck in everyone’s head," one person wrote.

Another commented that "I know we can’t agree on much in these turbulent times but we can all agree that a president referencing Nickleback for political gain should be an impeachable offense."

Nickelback Gets Redemption


Things got so heated, that Nickelback filed a copyright violation with Twitter and forced the platform to remove the video.

After it was taken down, people rejoiced and actually started showing Nickelback some love for the move.

"Lots of unprecedented events occurring. Among them: I just felt a brief flutter of appreciation for Nickleback," one Twitter user noted.

A second person wasn't sure how to feel about the world coming together to praise Nickelback.

Some fans thought it was a bad move for Nickelback to get the video taken down, and messaged the Canadian rock band with expletive-filled rants, but it remains removed on Twitter.

However, President Trump was able to post on Instagram, where it is still active and has amassed almost 3 million views.

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