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Post Malone -- I'm NOT High On Drugs! Rapper Responds To Concerned Fans

By Mike Walters

Post Malone has just reassured fans that he is not going down a dangerous path and abusing drugs, in fact, the rapper says he feels better now than ever in his life.

The statements come after a video surfaced on social media of the 'Hollywood Bleeding' rapper performing on stage where his eyes appear to rolling into the back of his head.

Malone addressed the crowd at FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennesse on Friday night, telling the crowd, "I'm not on drugs! I feel the best I've ever fucking felt in my life."

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See The Concerning Video Of Post Malone On Stage...


The 24-year-old rapper continued, "And that's why I can bust my ass for these shows and fucking fall on the floor and do all that fun s***. But for anyone that's concerned here, I appreciate the love and the support, but I feel f***ing fantastic and I'm not doing drugs."

Post addressed the situation after a fan posted a montage of video from his past few shows, where he stumbles a bit on stage and appears to be out of it a bit. Plus, in a video after the concert where the rapper is signing autographs, it appears he is having trouble speaking and slurring his words.

Post Responds To Drug Abuse Allegations


A few fans have been discussing the rapper's health online after the videos surfaced online from the past few shows.

"You can’t sit there and tell me that this is normal behavior from Post. It’s not and the man needs help before something bad happens to him," the fan captioned the video.

She continued, "Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, he’s not using them for fun anymore, he’s abusing them. it’s too much now, people are worried."

Another fan at the same show tweeted, "I’m genuinely concerned for Post Malone and his well-being right now."

The Show Will Go On! Check Him Dancing Backstage...


As you know, Post is well known for his Bud Light drinking cigarette smoking partying ways, but this is the first time anyone has shown real concern for him abusing any type of drugs.

Bottom line: PM wants his fans to know that he is not trippin on dope, and what they are seeing is just an awesome performance!

The rapper is in the middle of his Runaway Tour, and he is heading to Houston where he has a show on March 9. For now, it seems everything is fine, and the show will go on!

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