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Inside 'RHOBH' Star Teddi Mellencamp's Home Where Pop Smoke Was Murdered

By Mike Walters

The multi-million dollar home owned by 'RHOBH' Teddi Mellencamp is now the scene of a murder investigation after rapper Pop Smoke was shot inside while renting it. The layout, security cameras, and access to the property is now at the center of that investigation.

In photos of the property, obtained by The Blast, you can see the layout of each room included the kitchen, backyard, and family room where some of the incident took place.

According to a new report, police are now investigating the tragedy as a targeted hit...and believe the intention may have not been a robbery.

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The Side Yard Where the Suspects Entered The Property


One of the reasons for this theory is that the home had several security cameras set up on the perimeter of the house, and 4 suspects can be seen walking up to the home before the shooting.

The report claims at around 4:30 A.M. the individuals can be seen entering the property by sneaking around the back via the side yard. You can see this is the photo of the home above.

In the video, one of the masked men enters the home through the back door where there is no camera trained on the door, the other 3 men enter the home through the front of the property.

See The Backyard Where One Masked Suspect Entered The Home


Interestingly, the next thing you see on camera is the men exiting the home not carrying anything. So, it doesn't make much sense if the crew went to the home to commit a robbery, they would exit carrying as much cash and other items as possible. Especially, if they shot Pop Smoke during the melee.

If you take a look at the photos of the home, it has a few very large windows that make it easy from the backyard and side yard to see what is going on in the family room.

As we reported, the initial theory, in this case, is that the home invasion was a robbery, because the rapper and one of his friends posed earlier in the day with wads of cash at the home. Also, Pop Smoke accidentally showed his address on social media while holding up gift he had received.

Inside The Home Of The Murder Scene


Teddi Mellencamp, who just rented the home to Pop Smoke, said in a statement hours after the shooting, "Early this am we were informed by a 3rd party leasing and management company overseeing a rental home we own in Los Angeles that a shooting had taken place at the property. Foremost, we would like to extend our prayers and condolences to the family and loved ones affected by this tragic loss of life."

She continued, "We aren’t aware of any of the details beyond what we’ve been told or seen reported on the news and at this time we would like to refrain from commenting further as we wish for the focus to remain on the law enforcement officers who are diligently doing their jobs."

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