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Playboy Playmate Lauryn Elaine Finds Herself in a Horrifying Home Invasion

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta
By Clarissa Wilson

Playboy Playmate Lauryn Elaine came home around midnight Wednesday night only to find herself in a horrifying situation. The playmate's home was being invaded and robbed by three men.

When Elaine returned home that night, she found her front door was busted open. When she walked inside, three men were busy robbing her. Two of the men walked out of her room while the third one walked out of her brother's room. They were all masked and one man had a weapon on him.

The man with the gun pointed it at her and ordered her to open her safe. They then tied her up with a dog leash, taking $30,000 and her purse from her.

Gettyimages | Albert L. Ortega

Once the men ran out, Elaine was able to free herself and run to get help. In the video surveillance that was submitted into evidence, Elaine's home is trashed from the break-in. In the video, you can noticeably see her personal things thrown about her home from the men trashing it while they were robbing her.

Although the police are currently searching for suspects, it is not known whether or not they have been able to narrow down their search.

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

Lauryn Elaine has grown a rather huge following on social media and now has almost 60,000 followers on Instagram. Not only is she a Playboy Playmate, but she is also a singer and model and has a popular Youtube channel where she vlogs about her travels around the world.

Elaine is not just a singer but an accomplished one who just announced last year that she was working on new music.

In fact, she posted this on Instagram with an image of her recording her music in a studio on Instagram in November of 2018.

"If y’all have been wondering why I’m not posting as many modeling photos, it’s because I’m cooking up some super special stuff for you guys. I’ve been working my little butt off for the past few years training my voice, and now it’s finally time I show the world my ultimate dream, passion, and to share my emotional past experiences!!!"

She continued, "I know I don’t share much with you guys, and I keep a pretty private life but mine has been an extremely rough one from the start."

She also added, "Since my life’s been so rough I have a lot to share and all I want is to give hope to people, inspire minds and give you all the feels! It’s still going to be a long process but I’m on my way baby!!"

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

It must have been scary for Ms. Elaine to go through such a rough ordeal of being tied up and robbed of $30,000 as well as her purse and the contents in it. Of course, surely she didn't care much about the money as she was afraid for her life. Thank goodness they did not hurt her or kill her. It was amazing how she was able to get free and go for help! Good thing they took off as they did or who knows what would have or could have happened to her if they decided to stick around longer and try to hurt her or kill her.

What do you think about Lauryn Elaine going through a home invasion and getting tied up and robbed? All we can do is hope that the police find the men who did this to Lauryn.

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