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Playboy Playmate Kristina Shannon Accuses Paul Marciano of Sexual Assault: He Promised to Make Me Kate Upton

By TheBlast Staff

Former Playboy Playmate Kristina Shannon is the newest woman to accuse Guess co-founder Paul Marciano of sexual assault and says he evoked Kate Upton to entice her into performing acts.

Shannon tells The Blast she first met Marciano years ago, around the end of 2012, and the designer said she reminded him of the late Anna Nicole Smith. She claims a test shoot was set up and that Marciano had the setting doctored up to look like one that Anna Nicole had used.

She also says, "He specifically told me about Kate Upton and how he spotted her and made her famous. He promised me the same."

The former girlfriend of the late Hugh Hefner claims Marciano invited himself over to her apartment after the test shoot to show her the photos and talk shop, but she says "He forced himself on me."

Shannon claims he began "caressing my breasts and grabbing my crotch and walked me over to my bed and laid me on my stomach." She then described the two having sexual intercourse.

Marciano also claimed, Shannon says, to have slept with Kate Upton and boasted, "Look where she is now."

Shannon says she continued speaking with, seeing and allowing herself to be intimate Marciano in the hopes of getting the Guess campaign she was promised, but it never came to fruition. She says he would also constantly send requests for nude photos, such as “Send me some pix baby!❤?? " Shannon tells us she stopped communicating with Marciano last year.

The model says she had kept quiet about her story, but following Upton's revelation regarding Marciano, Shannon felt empowered and confident to come forward with her accusations.

Reflecting on the whole incident, Shannon says, "Now that I’m talking about this, I’m getting so emotional. The whole reason my sister and I did Playboy is because we wanted to be models. He hung that over me. I hate him."

Shannon's accusations also mirror similar accounts of other women who have recently shared their stories with The Blast. All of the models, and Kate Upton, claim near identical details in the way Marciano approached them, the promises he made and the alleged misconduct that occurred.

He remains on the board and as the creative director at Guess, despite pressure from the public for him to step down.

The Blast reached out to Paul Marciano regarding the accusations made by Kristina Shannon.

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