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Pink Gives Herself A Bad Haircut After Making Quarantined Drinking A Sport: 'Alyssa Milano Vibes'

By Jeff Mazzeo

P!nk is the best celeb to be with while on self-quarantine with because she seems like so much fun!

The singer confessed to giving herself a bad haircut while drinking on Tuesday when she shared her latest entry into her "Quarantine diaries." The "Just Give Me A Reason" artist said that she has made drinking an "a sport" since being locked away with her family and hilariously showed off the results of all the training she has been doing.

"When I drink, I get really, really, really brilliant ideas," P!nk said on Instagram. "and last night I got the idea, 'I can cut hair! Why have I been paying people all this time?'"

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Shave And A Haircut


P!nk was snacking on a pretzel (we are all about that #pretzellife) and used a red beanie to build up suspense before she showed off her new 'do.

"Look what I did," she said. "What do you think? Good look?"

The mother of two revealed that one side of her head was buzzed a lot higher than the other. She joked that she didn't think it was half bad.

"Am I giving you Alyssa Milano vibes?" she asked. "Charlize Theron? I don't know."

She ended her video by saying, "Stay safe. Stay home. Cut your own hair! Screw it.”

Fans Can Totally Relate


Her nearly eight million followers were happy her video gave them a funny distraction form social distancing and they joked with the star in the comments section of her post.

"They’ve just lowered the drink [sic] age in Australia to 7, making home schooling much easier for parents 😂!" a fan from down under joked.

"There. Out of a job 🤦‍♀️," a hairdresser quipped.

Generally, her followers found the star hilarious.

"I love this woman! 👏🏻💪🏻😍" a supportive fan said, while another one tagged their friend and wrote, "feel like you and Pink are spirit twins during quarantine lol 😂."

The Whole Family Has 'Lost It'


Her drunken haircut wasn't the first time someone in the family got in a fight with the buzzer. Earlier in the week, she shared a video of her 8-year-old daughter, Willow giving her husband, Carey Hart an extreme haircut. Let's just say that he may be wearing a hat for a while.

"We’ve lost it. But we’re together! AT HOME," the star captioned her cute post.

We all are pretty much at that point.

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