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Imitation Of Holiday Peloton Ad Becomes Viral

Gettyimages | Roberto Machado Noa
By Emily Reily

What has been deemed one of the most tone-deaf ads in recent memory -- that holiday Peloton stationary bike ad -- has gotten the gift of imitation many times over, but one treatment in particular has gone viral for hitting all the right notes.

Look How Happy She Is!


The ad follows a wife who gets a Peloton bike for Christmas and is overjoyed by this fact. The ad continues to show her fears upon getting on the bike for the first time, and later, showing her husband the vast improvement in her life that he facilitated.

We all know this is a lie, and we all know that you can't gift a woman a piece of exercise equipment and expect a thanks in return.

She'd Probably Prefer One Of Those Cars With the Bows

Most people get the gist of what the ad is hinting at: Buy your wife this exercise bike for Christmas and change her life.

And most people understand what the ad actually means: you buy this bike for your SO and you're gonna be out on the curb.

"The first time I saw it I turned to my wife and asked 'How quickly would you divorce me if I gave you exercise equipment without you asking for it?' So... literally," wrote @jkCallawayYAY.

Don't Be That Guy


The Peloton spoof was made by Eva Victor on Twitter. Victor's homemade version takes all the important points from the commercial and blows them up.

"My husband got me a f--ing workout bike for Christmas and that's rude," Victor says at one point.

At the end of the clip, she's handing her husband divorce papers. No more really needs to be said.

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