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'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Drives a Hard Bargain for TP During Coronavirus Chaos

@rick_harrison / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Rick Harrison may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night, so if you come to the "Pawn Stars" boss trying to cash in on the Coronavirus pandemic, you better not show up with single-ply toilet paper.

Harrison just shared a funny video on social media after a meme featuring the popular "Pawn Stars" personality went viral during the craze created by COVID-19.

The photo being circulated showed Harrison and his son, Corey, negotiating a deal in their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop over a bounty of hot items, including hand sanitizer, toilet paper and bottled water.

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The Meme Becomes Reality

@rick_harrison / Instagram

Clearly seeing an opportunity to cash in on some viral value, Harrison and his team quickly got together and turned the meme into a reality at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

The video shows Harrison at the counter of his store with a customer trying to hawk the goods. Harrison is interested, but not for the steep price of $200.

"Dude, single-play! It's not even Charmin!" Harrison responds while rifling through the goods. He even points out that the customer is missing bottles of water and only has half a bottle of hand sanitizer.

In true "Pawn Stars" fashion, Harrison gets the guy down to $50 and walks away from the deal a winner!

Hitting Close to Home

@chumlee / Instagram

The coronavirus scare is unavoidable at the moment, and the "Pawn Stars" crew had their own run-in earlier in the week when Chumlee was rushed to the hospital after falling ill.

The reality star explained he was having trouble breathing and abdominal pain, and against his wishes, was forced to get checked out.

Chumlee clarified that he didn't think he had the Coronavirus, but he was waiting for test results.

The reality star said his boss, Rick Harrison, was the one who forced him to go to the hospital.

"Rick made me come, I didn't want to go. I was at work when it happened. Trust me, I did not want to be here," Chumlee said.

@chumlee / Instagram

After the tests, Chumlee revealed the cause behind all the abdominal pain -- he really needed to go to the bathroom!

"So far all tests are good, just gonna run one more test," he explained.

Chumlee added that the reason for the abdominal pain may be because "I think it looks like I just need to poop."

He was released from the hospital later that day, and appears to be in good health since. Also, lucky for the "Pawn Stars" veteran, his boss just came upon a sweet cash of toilet paper to keep him fresh and clean!

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