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'Pawn Stars' Star Corey Harrison Refuses To Wear COVID-19 Mask In Vegas, Legal Or Not!!

By Mike Walters

'Pawn Stars' star Corey Harrison is taking a stand against a Las Vegas, Nevada ordinance making it mandatory to wear COVID-19 masks while out in public, and says he is stopping next week with or without "government approval."

The reality star, who goes by Big Hoss, made the statement on Instagram, reposting a meme that calls for Las Vegas residents to stopping wearing masks starting September 15th.

At this point, there is a raging debate in Nevada after Governer Steve Sisolak announced the mask mandate, which many believe is killing part of the cites tourism.

See His Post...

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'Pawn Stars' Star Says 'No More Masks' Starting This Month!


In a post, Corey has now deleted, the reality star calls for "On September 15th, NO MORE MASKS!"

It continues, "Enough is Enough, We the people have decided that the masks are no longer mandatory with or without government approval."

The 'Pawn Stars' star captioned the meme with a message supporting co-star Chumlee who also posted about the tense situation. "Yep with my brother on this one @chumlee #overthis #2020lame," he wrote.

Sources close to Harrison tell The Blast, he is willing to sacrifice himself for the city that he loves so much.

Will Drop Masks 'With Or Without The Governments Approval'


As you know, the Coronavirus has devastated the Las Vegas community -- forcing the shutdown of many of the major casinos and closing buffet restaurants in the city. Of course, Vegas heavily relies on tourism and people traveling to the city from places around the world.

Recently, demonstrators with the 'No Mask Nevada PAC' have clashed with authorities while protesting the state's mask ordinance.

The group has previously said they want to focus on the masks alone, instead of making it a political issue, despite many of their protestors carrying signs supporting Donald Trump.

Corey Harrison Gives Out FREE Hand Sanitizer For Fans


It's unclear why Harrison took down his 'No Mask' post, but we're told he will support many of his friends in the city and not wear a one going forward.

This isn't the first time Harrison has addressed the ongoing issues with COVID-19 and Las Vegas -- several weeks ago, he announced on Instagram he would be giving away free bottles of hand sanitizer to anyone who emails him.

The bottle, of course, had a cool picture of him on it with the words, "Big Hoss Hand Sanitizer."

In the end, parts of Las Vegas have opened back up, but with many restrictions and local residents are hoping the government will change the policy to allow the casino business to thrive again.

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