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'Jersey Shore' Star Pauly D Shares EPIC FALL Caught On His Security Cameras -- See The Video!!

By Mike Walters

'Jersey Shore' star Pauly D just shared the BEST video of him falling you have EVER seen!!

In a new Instagram post, the 'Double Shot At Love' star posted footage captured by the security cameras in his backyard, and as you can imagine, what happens to him is priceless!

In the clip, Pauly appears to be done with his GTL and is using the hose to water the plants in his backyard. But, as he walks backward, the DJ doesn't notice a step near a planter in his yard -- and BAM!

See The Priceless Shots!

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Watch Pauly D....EAT IT As He Walks Backwards In His Backyard!


In the video, Pauly goes flying off of his feets and lands square on his butt -- and of course, it is in perfect range to be caught on the cameras!

"How’s Ur 2020 Going They Asked Me...... 🙈😩," Pauly captioned the footage.

"Neva seen a cooler fall in my life!" Daisy Fuentes comments on the awesome video! As several fans point out, Pauly makes a perfect landing and ensures his perfect hair doesn't get messed up in the process.

"Got into an entanglement with the hose I see," one comment read.

Just Wait Until You See What Happens Next!!

Just Wait For The Hose Spraying His FACE!!


The next part is mind-blowing! As Pauly D sits up and composes himself, somehow he sits on the hose and it begins SPRAYING him in the FACE!!

It is the funniest thing you have ever seen!

"The hose sprayed you after, adding insult to injury. 😂" one fan posted after watching the epic moment! "Falling down..oh yeah! Shooting water in my face...oh yeah! 😀❤️" another added.

"How do you make falling look hot! ♥️"

Pauly D seems to be ok following the incident but decided it was too good to be kept a secret, so he shared it with his millions of fans!

Just Wait For It...

See The HILARIOUS Footage!!


Pauly D has been in the headlines lately following his love life on the new season of his reality show, 'Double Shot At Love."

In the show, Pauly and Vinny take their shots at dating several women, one whom Pauly has quite the checkered past within his personal life.

Fans think the DJ is in a relationship with Nikki Hall, someone who is touted as his 'ex-girlfriend' in the show.

“They’ve been in a relationship for almost a year, and she’s been living with him for at least six months,” one fan commented.

Well, either way, we are guessing this little blooper is going to be looped over and over in the new season of the show!! It's too good!


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