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Paulina Rubio Sued for Allegedly Stiffing Her Former Manager

By Daniel Goldblatt

Singer Paulina Rubio is being accused of failing to pay her former management company and then firing them ... on Thanskgiving Day!

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a company called Favor the Artist claims they were hired on February 22, 2018 to "perform personal management services for Rubio."

Giphy | Paulina Rubio

They claim the deal called for her to pay the company 15% of her gross compensation for all entertainment related employment. But touring income was separate, with Favor the Artist claiming they were to be paid 10% of that (but only 8.5% of touring in Rubio's native Mexico).

Favor the Artist claims they did a great job — until they were given a notice of termination on Thanksgiving Day 2018 — but allege that Rubio has not paid them what they believe they are owed. They claim to have made "countless attempts" to resolve the matter but say Rubio has refused to pay up.

Gettyimages | Carlos Alvarez

The company claims that Rubio has a history of not paying her management teaming, saying "she has routinely and consistently failed to pay those managers." They claim that Rubio "promised" that she had changed, and that she was a different person from the one whose reputation was to be very difficult. However, in truth, she had not changed at all, and was still the same person."

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