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'NCIS' Alum Lands In ER After Series Of Bizarre Tweets About Accidentally Cutting Her Wrist

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By Emily Reily

Pauley Perrette, formerly of "NCIS," shared some tweets that had some fans concerned for her safety.

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Looks Like Just a Nick

She said she was working on an AC vent when her hand was caught in a ceiling fan and she cut her wrist.

"so... I was standing on a stool trying to open my A/C vent and my hand got caught in the ceiling fan. Slashed my wrist and my hand is red and blue. Ugh."

Later on, she sought out Twitter's help again, because she was concerned her cut was getting worse.

"Is there a doc or nurse in the house? My vein swelled up and turned black under the cut to the vein, do I need to go see a doc?"

Fans had some practical advice for the actress, telling her it might be a hematoma, a fancy word for a bruise.

"It sounds like a hemotoma for I would ice it, 20 mins on, 20 mins off until you go to bed. Also, elevate it on a pillow. If no better by morning, call your dr or go to an urgent care facility. Good luck!!" advised @LBKarch.

Perrette said she went to the ER to get it checked out and that she'll be fine.


Giphy | CBS

"[Oh my God]!!!! But still well you was to ER and will get all okay!!! You gotta more careful P to not if hurt,I know that me also gotta careful bc i always hurt me too [laughing out loud] But take care, and notice us about your hand," wrote a fan.

Other fans thought Perrette was being overly dramatic: "Thats a band aid over a tattoo... Stop being dramatic," wrote @Mrs_Kitty78.


Perrette addressed those who thought she was making a big deal out of nothing, acknowledging that she's a "rough and tumble Alabama kid" who can do her own home improvement:

"Hey haters, yes I’m accident prone! But I install my own lights, I fix my own A/C, I do my own stuff, I’m a rough and tumble Alabama kid who hurts her redneck self sometimes. But not a spoiled brat. I do stuff! On my own! And sometimes get my hand caught in a fan!"

She Can Take Care of Herself

And she wasn't done ticking off her accomplishments:

"I replaced my faucet and sink, fixed my A/C, installed 29 safety lights, replaced my gate and locks, built my own storage, installed ramps for my wheelchair pals, and everything else. I’m NOT a spoiled celebrity. I’m a redneck that gets shit done! And yeah, I get injured Worth it"

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