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Paul Rudd and The Fonz, Together At Last


Paul Rudd is starring in a new Amazon Audible series called "Escape From Virtual Island," and it was just released today.

Cast members include Jack McBrayer, Paula Pell, Amber Ruffin, Jason Sudeikis. Still more actors include Scott Adsit, Seth Meyers, Kenan Thompson, Olivia Wilde and Henry Winkler.

When you've got the Fonz in your midst, how can you go wrong?

Let Rudd Create a Masterpiece For You


"Escape From Virtual Island" is set in 2038 (which really doesn't seem that far away from now). Rudd plays Derek Ambrose, who may inherit his mother’s huge business, the Pengalaman Island Resort and Virtual Reality Theme Park.

Rudd talked to Rolling Stone about the new series.

Rudd says of Ambrose: “He’s a kind of uninspired, lazy dude who doesn’t do much." Which, same.

Apparently, Ambrose is really good at making spinach frittatas. The real-life Rudd has been making them as well while under quarantine.

“I’m pretty good, actually. What else do you want in it? Any dietary restrictions?" he asked Rolling Stone.

This Cast Has Everything


According to Rolling Stone, events take a turn when Sudeikis's character, a VIP guest gets lost on the island, a virtual place.

Rudd explains: “Derek has to grow up and strike out with this bizarre group of colleagues to rescue him."

This "group of colleagues" includes McBrayer, Pell and Ruffin. Jane Krakowski is also in the series and stars as Derek’s mother.

Krakowski and Adsit both appeared on "30 Rock," which is still a great bingeable show, and Kenan Thompson is still a riot on "Saturday Night Live."

So "Escape From Virtual Island" definitely sounds like it's worth your time, if you have any.


This definitely sounds like a good comedy, given an A-list cast of comedic producers and actors. The show was written by John Lutz. Lutz has production credits on "Saturday Night Live", "30 Rock" and "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Rudd says he was attracted to this Audible series for its top-tier talent, but said that not having to worry about his wardrobe was a new thing.

“I was originally drawn to it because of the people involved. Several cast members had already been cast and I also knew John Lutz through SNL and Seth’s show. When I read it I was immediately drawn to the humor and how clever it is. So, for me, it was a no-brainer.”

Please Try To Veg Out, If You Can


The beauty of Audible is that you can just listen on some earbuds, or have it on in the background while you're doing chores. Maybe it will help people pass the time a little bit quicker while we all wait to return to the outside world.

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