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Patty Hearst Defends Chris Hardwick, Calls Out Chloe Dykstra for Gushing on YouTube about Loving Him

By TheBlast Staff

Publishing heiress Patty Hearst is coming to the defense of her son-in-law and believes a YouTube video of Chloe Dykstra proclaiming her love to Chris Hardwick after a traumatic time in her life proves that everything else she has alleged is a complete lie.

Hearst says, "Silly me, Until today I only used YouTube to look at naughty kitties, waterskiing squirrels, and skateboarding dogs. And then I performed a very simple search ...Wait for it…it gets especially interesting at 5:40"

Hardwick is married to Hearst's daughter, Lydia, and she is referring to a video Dykstra posted on March 28, 2013 after emergency surgery from an ectopic pregnancy.

Dykstra thanks Hardwick for being an "amazing, loving and sweet boyfriend" while she was in the hospital.

Dykstra herself admitted that during her recovery, the former Nerdist honcho "slept at the foot of her bed," but then accused him of asking the doctor when he could "have sex with her again."

Hearst feels that Dykstra has juxtaposed her own timeline of events by seeming so positive and happy about her relationship post-surgery, and thinks the admission makes all Dykstra's other claims moot, telling us "Social media is a gold mine!”

Hardwick has denied he was abusive to Dykstra during their relationship, but since her accusations, Nerdist Industries have distanced themselves from him and AMC pulled the upcoming season of his talk show.

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