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Is Papa John's Wife Sick Of His Pizza?

Gettyimages | Denise Truscello
By Mike Walters

Is there ever a point where you just eat too many pizzas?

We don't think so...but Papa John's founder John Schnatter's wife has had enough and has filed for divorce from the pizza mogul.

Annette Cox, John's wife filed the paperwork on Thursday in their home state of Kentucky, saying her marriage to Papa John is "irretrievably broken."

According to the divorce petition, the couple separated back in April, and have already worked out most of their property settlement. The has been married since April 1987.

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$500 Million Pizza Fortune, Already Split Up...


In the filing, Cox says she is self-employed and that Papa John himself is currently "unemployed." It's interesting timing considering the founder of the pizza chain was ousted from his position after he used the n-word during a company conference call.

She claims the couple already has a property agreement, and she is asking for the judge to sign off on it. The couple owns several multi-million dollar homes including mansions in Kentucky, Utah, and Florida.

The couple shares two children, but they are adults, so there is no mention of child support in the documents.

The Schnatter families net worth is over $500 Million, and considering they have been married since before the company was a household name, most likely they will be splitting it right down the middle.

No word on if she is now eating at Domino's.

Papa John Suing Company After Racism Scandal, Claims It Was Financial Dispute

NY Post

Schnatter's filed a lawsuit on the same day as the divorce filing against the creative advertising firm, Laundry Service, after he claims it leaked the audio of him saying the n-word which led him to losing his job as Papa John's CEO.

In the lawsuit, John claims "secretly-taped meeting led by Laundry Service in May 2018" resulted in a news story about him being leaked where he dropped the n-word in a conference call.

Schnatter has defended himself saying, the advertising company was upset at him for disputing a $6 million fee and that is what led to the story. He claims the quotes were taken out of context, and in fact, he claims he was just pointing out how much he can't stand racism.

The Bizarre Interview...


In the days leading up to Papa John's wife filing for divorce, the pizza mogul sat down for a now-infamous interview where he stated he had eaten 40 PJ' pizzas in the last 30 days, and he thinks they are terrible.

That's right, he thinks his own pizza stinks.

Obviously, the ex-boss of the company has an ax to grind with his former place of business after they fired him after using a racial slur on a conference call.

“There WILL be a day of reckoning.” John Schnatter said on the interview.

During the broadcast, Schnatter explained that on the conference call in question, he said “Colonel Sanders called blacks n*****s,” saying the Kentucky Fried Chicken frontman didn't ever get in trouble for that.

30 Pizzas In 40 Days?!

Papa John's Pizza

Schnatter, explains he is actually happy the entire “conference call was taped," because he says it proves he “didn’t say anything that was racist."

It's actually “good for me," he says. He claims at the time he was trying to “convey his hatred for racism.”

At this point, it is unclear if the interview was a final straw for Mrs. Papa John, but based on the settlement agreement the divorce may have been in motion for quite some time.

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