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Panera Bread Employee Loses Job After Exposing Recipe on TikTok

By Gary Trock

Panera Bread is doing some damage control after one of its now-former employees revealed the harsh reality behind one of the chain's popular dishes.

The video, first posted last week on the popular social media video app TikTok, showed an employee fetching a plastic packet of frozen mac and cheese and dropping it into boiling water before cutting open the steaming bag and plopping the contents into a bowl.

The employee, who titled the video, "Exposing Panera," also gives a thumbs up and smiles at the end.

The video quickly made the rounds and ignited a debate among users on Twitter over whether anyone actually believed Panera created dishes from their kitchen using the freshest of ingredients.

"I don’t get what she’s exposing? Did people really think there was a chef hanging out in the kitchen of Panera Bread making their Mac and Cheese?" one person explained, adding that, "This is literally how every fast food joint operates, don’t be fooled."

Another wrote, "All the Panera bread discourse shows is that more people need to work at least one month in food service at a shitty chain. Y’all think we make stuff from scratch? At these prices? Honey."


Others shared personal horror stories from eating at Panera Bread, like this woman who claims she almost choked to death on a piece of plastic while enjoying her meal.


The only people who didn't find the video hilarious, was Panera, who apparently fired the employee over the video.

She confirmed on Twitter, informing everyone, "lol i lost my job for this."

Panera Bread also released a statement defending their cheesy mac, explaining it is "made offsite with our propriety recipe developed by our chefs, " and "It is shipped frozen to our bakery cafes — this allows us to avoid using preservatives which do not meet our clean standards."

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