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Anderson Still Hasn't Gotten the Memo


Pamela Anderson is getting called out for cultural appropriation after tweeting a photo of herself wearing what looks like a Native American headdress for Halloween.

The Conversation Must Continue


Those on Twitter noticed immediately that this look was just wrong, and it's been wrong for a very, very long time.

"How many times do we have to have this conversation," said @shutupbrit.

Yes, It Is Offensive To Wear a Native American Headdress


“I hate to break the news to u Pamela but this is the quintessential cultural appropriation that people are not liking. The Native head dress. Not so cool,” said @tevenusstar.

But the Animals

Gettyimages | John Phillips

Another person noted that Anderson's love for animals doesn't quite jibe with making fun of other cultures.

“Sooooo big on respect for animals but not so much for humans who don’t look like you?? Got it, Pam,” said @garveyschild.

Anderson Is Letting a Story Speak For Her

Anderson's response was to share a link to the story "The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation" at The story tries to make the case that it's okay for people outside of a group to dress up like that group. The story cites yoga as an example:

"That people from India developed Yoga does not mean that people from that area today have any special claim to it. Another problem is that the people who developed the practice somehow have a claim to exclusively exercise it. But that is not true. If a person develops a practice, that person does not get an exclusive right to practice it."

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