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Pam Anderson Has No Time for Meghan McCain During 'The View' Argument Over Wikileaks

By Gary Trock

Pamela Anderson was giving off some major shade to Meghan McCain during her appearance on "The View" while defending her good friend, Julian Assange.

Anderson stopped by to chat with the ladies Friday morning about a few topics, including her breakup with a French soccer star, and her relationship with Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

The former Playboy model said Assange is "incredible" and "inspired" her as an activist. She says he was always encouraging of her own activism, and met him because she wanted to be an effective activist.

The description of her relationship was met with contention by Meghan McCain, to which Anderson replied, "What would you do if you were locked in a room for 6 years?"

"I wouldn't be a cyber terrorist, which he is," McCain snapped.

Anderson immediately responded, claiming he didn't hack anyone. She then blamed the U.S. military for "killing" innocent people, and questioned how many times Wikileaks has killed someone.

An audience member hooted from the crowd in support of Anderson, which garnered a "Oh, calm down sir," from McCain.

The actress doubled down that she believes people like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are "heroes," and that Assange is just an innocent publisher.

McCain got in the last word ... chirping that, "Putin also thinks that."

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