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UFC Fighter Paige VanZant Shares Naked Workout And Gets Dirty With Hubby In The Kitchen

By Jeff Mazzeo

Paige VanZant knows that her husband, Austin Vanderford and she looks fantastic without clothes on and she wants you to realize it as well.

The UFC fighter shared her naked workout as well as a series of naked events with her millions of fans on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Paige recently got a full arm cast removed so she apparently she felt removing her clothes was the perfect way to get back in the gym.

"Last nights workout 🏋️‍♂️," she captioned the sultry pic.

We gotta admit, it was pretty clever of them to cover her backside with a medicine ball and his with a punching bag.

Remember, she shared a whole series of pics, so make sure you scroll all the way to check out her artistic expression.

Looking Like A Snack In The Kitchen


Paige and her shredded hubby were definitely cooking something up in the kitchen but leave it to MMA people to get into a food fight. VanZant wore an apron but Austin was only covered by a cookbook and loads of white flower.

"Uh, are we doing this right??" she joked in the caption of their unique cookout.

"Do u guys do everything naked?" a curious fan asked, while most of her followers wanted them to release some of their more private workouts.

We hope they sanitized all their countertops after their cooking escapade.

Like A Fine Wine


To close out their naked series, the couple were seen in the kitchen again but the last picture really cracks us up. They both had their backs to the camera while their backsides were covered by alcoholic beverages.

"Whiskey or Wine?? 🥃🍷" she wrote while giving her fans the option to pick their favorite.

From the looks of their photo, it seems like you are in for a fun time no matter which you choose. We agree withe her the couple's fans... release the tape.

Cast Off


Paige has been dealing with an arm injury for a while and she was ecstatic to finally get the giant hard plaster cast off.

"CAST IS OFF 100%!!!! LET’S FREAKING GO!!!! Training is in full effect (in my garage with my husband) lol First thing first, let’s heal the world, after that I’m coming to fight. 👊🏻"

Clearly, we have seen how the garage training is going and all we have to see is keep up the hard work.

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