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Pablo Escobar's Brother Calls Elon Musk An 'Imported Little Snake' In Fight Over Flamethrowers

By Gary Trock

Pablo Escobar's brother is celebrating a big victory over an ongoing legal battle, but he's not letting it distract him from the fact that he really hates Elon Musk.

Roberto Escobar has officially taken back control of one of his family's biggest pieces of intellectual property, the domain name of ""

Escobar, Inc

We're told Roberto was able to obtain a resolution after filing a dispute against a squatter who was holding on to the Pablo Escobar IP, but not using it for anything.

The domain now belongs to Escobar, Inc. the parent company for the Escobar family.

It is inactive for now, but Escobar has big plans for the digital platform.


Roberto tells The Blast, "I’m going to make the best website in the world of websites," and plans to use the site for "all things related to Pablo Escobar," which includes merchandising for the infamous drug kingpin.

"We are legends. I am a legend and don’t forget that," Roberto emphasized.

Among the products planning on being sold through, we're told customers will be able to purchase one of the company's flamethrowers.

The flamethrowers have been in the news because Escobar claims the Tesla CEO copied his design to sell his own devices, marketed as "Not-a-Flamethrower."

He has vowed to sue Musk unless the entrepreneur forks over $100 million.

Elon has previously responded to Escobar, explaining that his product is specifically "Not a Flamethrower," however the high-ranking former associate of the Medellín Cartel is not buying the excuse.

Escobar tells us, "I am still trying to reach him for the $100 million dollars. Before we had an open line of communication. Now he is ignoring me."


He continues, "I don’t know if he is crazy or what. I win every fight. When Elon looks to the left, he should look all of the way to his back, and see who is there. It is Roberto Escobar…legally."

Escobar takes a shot at Musk by saying, "Elon is a small little imported snake."

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