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Ozzy Osbourne Says "It Breaks My Heart" He Can't Give Daughter Kelly A Hug And Kiss

By Mike Walters

Ozzy Osbourne is upset he is not able to give his daughter, Kelly Osbourne, a proper hug and kiss when she visited her parents, and the rocker's daughter shared the heartbreaking text message to her over 2 million followers.

Kelly revealed that she visited her parents, Ozzy and Sharon, this week at their home in Los Angeles. But, obviously, the family was forced to sit 6 feet apart and while having their conversation.

The threesome wore masks and sat across from each other in the back yard near the rocker's pool.

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See The Heartbreaking Text Message From Ozzy...


"Today was the first time I got to see my parents in almost 3 weeks!!! Even though i did not get to hug them.... at this point I will take what I can get," Kelly wrote on Instagram.

She updated her father's health in the message, saying, "They are doing well and are safe and sound for now. Thank you so much for your continued well wishes love and support. We will get through this together. I love you all 💜 stay safe."

Family Taking Extra Precautions Due To Ozzy's Medical Condition


Following the family visit, Kelly decided to share a text message her father sent to her after she left, and it is heartbreaking. The contact is labeled "dadda" in her phone, and Ozzy said this...

"It was so loverly seeing you today Toddles it breaks my heart that I couldn’t give you a kiss and a hug.”

It appears the family is taking extra precautions at this point after Ozzy opened up last month that he is suffering from Parkinson's disease. The 'Black Sabbath' lead singer has known about his condition since 2003 but only went public with the diagnosis this year.

Check Out The Pool Party!


“The doctor told me that I probably walk by 10 people a day who have got it and don’t even know they’ve got it,” Ozzy said in a recent interview.

He continued, "You don’t get a pimple on your forehead, you just start walking a bit funny I suppose.”

Also, Ozzy spent time in a Los Angeles hospital in February, after he was diagnosed with a severe upper respiratory infection. He also underwent hand surgery at the same time.

Better safe, than sorry!

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