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Orlando Bloom Gets Misspelled Tattoo Of Son's Name Fixed

By Jeff Mazzeo

Orlando Bloom finally got his new tattoo in line after fans broke the news to him that his son's name was misspelled.

Last week, the "Carnival Row" actor proudly shared his touching tribute tattoo to his son, Flynn and revealed that is was supposed to be the 9-year-old's name spelled out in Morse code. Only problem? The new ink was missing a dot and ended up spelling Frynn. Fast forward to Wednesday and the actor posted the tatt to his Instagram again but this time he said the mistake was corrected.

"••-••-••-•---•-• finally dot it right! How do you make a mistake like that? #pinterestfail (read the small print) 😂 fortunately I know how to spell Sidi. Forever my boy ❤️," Bloom wrote in the caption of his second post.

Good Thing The Fans Noticed


It's a good thing he has fans that are well versed in Morse code because the tattoo would have remained incorrect forever if they didn't let the actor know.

“If the Morse code is supposed to spell out Flynn then there is a mistake,” one fan wrote while another said, “I’m sorry but that tattoo most definitely says ‘Frynn.'”

"It’s a lovely idea and a beautiful tattoo. But if it is indeed morse code, I think it says ‘Frynn,’ not ‘Flynn,'” a third fan noted.

The Tattoo Artist Admitted His Mistake And Fixed It!


Bloom's tattoo artist did the right thing and copped to the mistake on social media and vowed to make things right. After Orlando announced the fix, the artist proudly posted about their latest session.

Round 2 with @orlandobloom + we added the missing dot to the morse code, and did a small one in memory of Sidi, his dog + conclusion: never fully trust what your clients find on pinterest 😁 + Life is officially back to normal," the artist joked.

It was nice of the star to take full responsibility for the Pinterest fail.

That's A Doggone Lesson


Since the artist and Bloom learned an important lesson about the internet, they decided to make the best of their time and added a small memory of the actor's dog near his wrist. The new new ink featured the shape of his pooches upper face and eyes with the name, Sidi underneath it. As we previously mentioned, Bloom joked that it was a good thing he knew how to spell the canine's name.

No harm, no foul... only a little embarrassment.

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