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Oprah Tosses Stedman Into Guest House For Quarantine -- Drops His Meals Off On The Porch!

By Mike Walters

Oprah Winfrey has decided to take no chances of contracting the Coronavirus, and that now includes being anywhere near her longtime partner Stedman Graham. So, she has tossed him into her guest house for a few weeks, and he gets his meals left on the porch! You have to see this...

The media mogul has been self-quarantined in her estate near Santa Barbara, California, and she recently explained Stedman has been forced out of the main house due to his not taking the virus so seriously in the beginning.

Oprah joined the digital director of 'O' Magazine Arianna Davis for an Instagram live chat, where she described what the social distancing looks like in her household.

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Oprah Has Quarantined Stedman Into The Guest House...

“There’s no Stedman in the kitchen...Stedman is in the guest house because you all know I had pneumonia late last year, and you could still hear the raspiness in my throat sometimes when I talk. I had just gotten off of antibiotics last week because I had a bronchial infection, and so Stedman was late to the party," she said.

Winfrey went on to explain that Stedman “was one of those going, ‘I don’t see what everyone’s getting so upset about," type of people...and now it has cost him his own bed!

“Stedman did not arrive from Chicago until Thursday, he had been speaking in St. Louis...he'd been on planes, so Stedman is like 'What's the procedure for coming home?'“ Oprah explained.

See The Window Video Of Stedman In The Guest House...

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac

She continued, “The procedure ain't coming and sleeping in my bed! And literally, he goes, 'I'm not?' And I go, 'Have you not been paying attention to the news? Social distancing does not mean you go and sleep in the same bed with the person! When you just got off American Airlines!'"

So, Stedman has been sent packing to the guest house and Oprah is not coming within six feet of him. The Oprah Magazine shared a video of Oprah walking down to say hello to her partner, and the video is classic! Stedman is hanging out of one of the windows and mentions how his food has been left on the porch.

Hear Oprah Describe The Reason For Stedman Getting Tossed!


According to her social media, "Although he does not have the virus, the couple decided that Stedman should quarantine separately in the guest house after several recent flights and some business travel." So there he sits!

We should be honest, Oprah's guest house is bigger and nicer than most of our it's not so terrible. Plus, someone is cooking all your meals and bringing them to you! Ya, not so bad.

Oprah says Graham was "more than happy to keep the distance between them to protect her health," and she has been bringing him breakfast and dinner every day.

The good news, she still gets a few "love chats" with Oprah from outside the window. Now, we need to see that video!

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