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Oprah Winfrey Names Bradley Cooper Her Dream Quarantine Partner, 'No Disrespect To Stedman'

By Ryan Naumann

Oprah Winfrey didn't have to think twice when picking Bradley Cooper over Stedman when asked about her dream quarantine partner.

Oprah was joined by her BFF, Gayle King, for an Instagram live chat. The two discussed how they are dealing with everything, what they have been doing to kill time, and which celebrity they would pick to be stuck inside with.

Oprah is currently staying with her longtime partner Stedman Graham at her school in South Africa. Gayle is locked up in her New York apartment.

At one point, a fan asked the two which celebrity they would pick to be quarantined with. Oprah quickly answered the question saying, “Bradley Cooper.”

She added, “Bradley and I are good friends and we have really good conversations over text, good conversations over the phone. When we're together we have great conversations.”

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Gayle said her choice would be The Rock if he wasn’t married. She told Oprah, “since he is married, it’s a nonstarter.”

She ultimately decided on singer Maluma, who she recently interviewed. Gayle found him to be “charming, so endearing, so cute.”

Oprah wasn’t done fawning over Bradley Cooper and continued praising the actor. She had no issue with making her feelings public adding, “no disrespect to Stedman.”

The mogul revealed she spoke to Bradley who is quarantining with his daughter and mother.

Oprah has been extremely careful with her health during the pandemic. O reminded Gayle she had a bout of pneumonia last year and had to take precautions.

At the start of the quarantine, back in March, Oprah shared a video of Stedman living in the guest house. She explained he was going to stay there for 14 days to be careful after he had taken several flights.

Her team said, “Although he does not have the virus, the couple decided that Stedman should quarantine separately in the guest house after several recent flights and some business travel. We’re happy both Lady O and Gentleman Graham are both safe.”

Her dog Sadie is currently being quarantined in her guest house for 14 days. She had a recent eye infection and Oprah feels it’s best to keep Sadie separate. Gayle told her she felt Oprah may be doing too much in regard to Sadie.

However, she's not playing around with the virus telling Gayle she has cleared her calendar and canceled all events for the year. The two did end the chat on a happy note with Oprah saying she had to go start dinner.

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