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Olympic Gymnasts Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson Compete To Put Their Shirts On Upside Down

By Jeff Mazzeo

Maybe they should put this sport into the Olympics!

Olympic Gymnasts Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson may not be teammates anymore, but their competitive spirit is more alive than ever. The two world-class athletes faced off in the ultimate challenge on Monday. The stood on their hands and raced to see who could put their shirt on first. Both ladies stripped down to their sports bras before inverting. Their challenge definitely had blood rushing to our... heads.

Scroll down to see who won.

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Put It On, Put It On!


"Who won?! hahaha also... for Olympic gymnasts we look like a MESS 😂 @nastialiukin," Johnson captioned the funny video.

Nastia quickly commented, "Hahahaha," before Shawn added, "We aren’t competitive at all 🤣🤣🤣."

One impressed fan gushed over Shawn's "effortless" abilities but the gymnast replied that the race wasn't accident-free.

"Dude Shawn you getting into a hand stand was the most effortless shit Ive ever seen in my life!" her follower remarked.

"Hahahaha well I peed myself a little so glad it looked smooth," Johnson said.

They Still Got It


Old habits die hard and nobody knows this better than the best athletes in the world. Nastia proved that she still has some serious skills when she recreated her famous front tuck from her 2008 gold medal-winning performance back in May.

"same same, but different... back in my natural habitat today 😋 @wogagymnastics," Nastia hilariously captioned her comparison post.

Her millions of fans were stoked to see her back in the gym and tried to push her into competing again. "make a comeback," one excited fan wrote, while another said, "Such beautiful lines."

The star actually went back to her old stomping grounds to practice and have fun at World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Texas. It helps if your dad is the owner and a gymnastics champion as well.

Using Their Voices


Shawn and Nastia both used their platforms to speak out about injustice and systemic racism. They participated in #blackouttuesday where millions of people shared a black image and refrained from posting trivial stuff on social media.

"Black lives matter. Period," Johnson wrote on Instagram before quoting the Bible. "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil and cling to what is good. Romans 12:9."

After the worldwide social media event was over, Nastia urged her follows to keep being active.

"just because black out tuesday is over and just because you posted a black square on your feed doesn’t mean you’ve done enough. nor does it mean this fight is over. please: keep learning. keep donating. keep being part of the change. this year will be written in history, your children will be educated of these events. they will ask you what you did... wouldn’t it be embarrassing to say to your children that you did nothing because you were uncomfortable?"

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