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Olympic Gymnasts Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson Break Out The Leotards For Hilarious Wipe Challenge

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson are like two peas in a pod... if peas made hilarious social media videos!

The Olympic Gymnasts were having too much fun together on Wednesday and they decided to share their fun time with their millions of followers. Their funny video included just a hint of gender-bending fun thanks to Shawn's hubby, Andrew East. In addition to the awkward outfit choice by Andrew, it was really cool to see the girls go from super casual to Olympic ready when dressed in their leotards.

Keep scrolling to see the strange vid.

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Wipe It Down


"what the..." Nastia captioned their video.

Andrew had a little different take about the stunt when he reposted it.

"I don’t feel super great about this tbh lol @shawnjohnson @nastialiukin #wipe #wipeitdown #leotard," he wrote.

Don't worry, Andrew, it will only live on the internet FOREVER! All joking aside, he's a pretty good sport, and pretty funny on Instagram... he just never wears a shirt. It's been really hot out so we guess we will cut him some slack.

When Racing On Your Feet Is Too Easy


You can take the competitors out of the Olympics, but you can't take the Olympics out of the competitors... that's why pretty much everything turns into a competition when Nastia comes to stay with the couple. All three participated in a race where they walked on their hands to the finish line.

"two olympians vs a dad bod. what a wild upset. @shawnjohnson @nastialiukin #handstands #crossfit #dadbod #olympics," Andrew captioned the video.

The results were pretty shocking and we are sure this will be the story that Andrew tells over and over again.

They're Super Competitive


The two world-class athletes faced off in the ultimate challenge earlier this week. They stood on their hands and raced to see who could put their shirt on first. Both ladies stripped down to their sports bras before inverting... perhaps they should make this an Olympic sport.

"Who won?! hahaha also... for Olympic gymnasts we look like a MESS 😂 @nastialiukin," Johnson captioned the funny video.

Nastia quickly commented, "Hahahaha," before Shawn added, "We aren’t competitive at all 🤣🤣🤣."

Make sure you place your bets before you watch the race.

Better Than Winning The Gold


Johnson is pretty freaking accomplished. You know, that whole winning the gold for her 2008 Balance Beam routine in the Beijing Olympics. But despite her lengthy resume, she said being a mom is better. Shawn and Andrew welcomed Drew Hazel East into the world on October 29, 2019. Needless to say, they are thrilled to be pregnant.

"Drew Hazel, you are our world. Being your mom is the most rewarding thing ever," she gushed on social media.

Mommy also couldn't believe how much has changed since Drew Hazel entered the world.

"a LOT has changed in seven months. she went from being a little sleepy potato to a wild woman!"

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