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Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Crushes Shawn Johnson In Race To Take Their Pants Off

By Jeff Mazzeo

The competitive spirit lives on in these two Olympic gymnasts!

Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin have continued their household Olympic games on Friday by taking the art of putting on pants and flipping it on its head. Shawn shared the funny contest to her Instagram and while Shawn dominated most of the other games, Nastia came from behind to secure a pantless victory. Their pantless party comes shortly after the stars raced to put their shirts on upside-down.

Scroll down to see their fierce competition.

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Take It Off, Take It Off!


This game/race is something that pretty much only world-class gymnasts can participate in because it's super hard to stand on your hands for that long.

"Well..... we did it 🥴😂 @nastialiukin," Shawn captioned her valiant attempt.

Nastia must have been motivated by her loss during the putting on a shirt upside-down portion of the at-home Olympics because she wasn't messing around when it came time to strip down.

Shawn didn't mind losing that much and she had to shake it off... literally. When Nastia had well secured the victory, Johnson didn't give up and hand to shake her pants off to finish the task.

"I love the end," Shawn's hubby, Andrew East commented.

Put It On, Put It On!


As we previously mentioned, the pants portion was just the latest in a long line of awkward competition. Earlier this week, the girls inverted and attempted to put their shirts on. Shawn easily beat Nastia in this game so it's safe to say that they are neck and neck... or feet and feet (get it, cause they are standing on their hands).

"We aren’t competitive at all 🤣🤣🤣," Shawn joked in the comments section of her post.

Their millions of fans seemed to enjoy the video and one follower noted that Johnson looked super smooth and comfortable on her hands. She revealed that the activity wasn't accident-free.

"Hahahaha well I peed myself a little so glad it looked smooth," Johnson said.

2 Gymnasts VS 1 Dad Bod


Don't worry, they didn't leave Shawn's hubby out of the competition. The Olympians when inverted one more time to race each other and Andrew. The results of the three-person race are shocking, to say the least... let's just say that Andrew will never forget this moment.

"two olympians vs a dad bod. what a wild upset. @shawnjohnson @nastialiukin #handstands #crossfit #dadbod #olympics," Andrew captioned the video.

This is a story that Andrew will tell over and over again.

Hey Baby


Shawn and Andrew welcomed Drew Hazel East into the world on October 29, 2019, and have really been enjoying being parents. Johnson noted that time definitely doesn't stand still when you have a little baby.

"a LOT has changed in seven months. she went from being a little sleepy potato to a wild woman!" she captioned an adorable video of the little girl.

Shawn even called her child "the most rewarding thing ever." That's saying a lot considering she is such an accomplished athlete.

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