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Olivia Culpo MELTS Down Instagram With Stunning Topless Beach Bikini Picture!

By Mike Walters

Olivia Culpo is like the rest of us going through our phones and cleaning out old pictures while we sit at home...and thankfully she decided to share some of the magic she found with us, and MELT down Instagram at the same time!!

"Going through my phone... this feels like a million years ago," the model wrote alongside one of the hottest photos you have ever seen in your life!!!

Culpo posted a behind the scenes picture from a photoshoot where she is laying on the beach with practically NOTHING on!

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See The STUNNING Picture!


In the stunning picture, Olivia is laying on her side covered by a bit of ocean water. She is sporting a string bikini bottom...with literally nothing on top!

The picture crushed on Instagram -- and is so hot it garnered the attention of a few celebrities on social media.

Vanessa Lachey commented on the photo, "Wow!!! Definitely not like this when I go thru my phone! 😍🔥" Same as us!

One person asked, "What’s your work out routine?? I need it !!"

Let's just hope the tide doesn't come in anytime soon!!

Olivia Culpo Crushes Instagram With Shockingly Hot Photos!


"The real question is how many people will zoom in 😂" one person posted after seeing that the picture is taken from a few feet away...

This isn't the first photo Olivia has shared that stuns her fans, "Most people just can't believe their eyes, Now the goal is.... To still look like this after the quarantine is over 😂😂 I've come to realize I am simply waiting for my next meal haha," a person commented.

"Wow and i just ate pizza," other added.

The best one, "I’d let you give me the Rona."

Keep Them Coming!


This week has not just been all fun and games for the supermodel, a fees days back she took to Instagram to use her influence for a good cause.

The 27-year-old posted a photo of herself wearing a 'Best Buddies' hoodies with "PLEASE STAY AT HOME" written on the back. The messages were for fans to purchase from the non-profit supporting people with developmental disabilities.

Bottom line: Let's just cross our fingers that Olivia has TONS more photos in her phone where that one came from...and they are as good as this one!!

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