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OJ Simpson Wants Fred Goldman to Just Leave Him Alone

By TheBlast Staff

OJ Simpson is tired of Fred Goldman dragging him into court every time it looks like the disgraced former football star might be making a little money.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Simpson claims that Ron Goldman is trying to take Simpson to court over rumored deals he has made, not actual ones.

Simpson's lawyers say Simpson "wishes to readjust to civilian life and family life" but claims that Ron Goldman and his attorney "are intent on shattering that."

The Juice claims Goldman "use unconfirmed stories from news outlets" and "drag" him into court "every time there is a mere vague allegation involving Mr. Simpson's commercial exploitation of himself."

Simpson argues that Goldman's recent repeated filings are hindering his ability to work. Simpson's lawyers say, "If Mr. Simpson is consistently forced to respond to discovery every two weeks, he will be left with no time to earn a living."

According to the documents, Simpson says he has had discussions about the potential of a future deal, but nothing has been finalized.

Simpson's attorney does say that OJ did partake in one brief autograph session after his release from prison, but the money was used to pay down part of his legal debt to another attorney. The attorney says OJ "has no continuing or future interest in signing memorabilia."

Shortly after Simpson was released from a Las Vegas prison, Goldman filed documents with the court claiming Simpson was making money Goldman thought should be going to him.

Simpson still owes the Goldman family tens of millions dollars after he was found civilly liable for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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