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Ford Company Releasing New 'Bronco' On O.J. Simpson's Birthday?! See Their Explanation...

Gettyimages | Jean-Marc Giboux
By Mike Walters

The Ford Company has picked a notorious day to release the new 2021 version of their 'Bronco' vehicle -- O.J. Simpson's birthday!!

That's right, the car manufacturing company just announced their new SUV will hit the market on July 9, which just so happens to be the Juice's 73rd birthday!

As you know, Simpson is going to be linked to this car since police were forced to pursue him in a white Bronco down L.A freeways -- in a slow-speed chase that was viewed by 95 MILLION people.

So why would they do this?! You Gotta Hear This!

See Ford's Official Explanation For The Date Of Release...


According to an official spokesperson for Ford, the timing of the Bronco's release is "pure coincidence."

In a statement to NBC News, the company denied the release of the vehicle was at all connected to OJ's birthday. But, the fact remains, the two are happening on the same day!

As for the Bronco itself, some of its design and amenities have been leaked online, and it appears it will mirror a very old version of the vehicle. In other words, it doesn't really look like the famous O.J version of the SUV.

Take A Look!

Do You Believe It?!

Gettyimages | MIKE NELSON

As for why now, Ford initially dropped the full-sized SUV in 1996, two years after the infamous slow-speed chase, because the car faced a variety of problems.

The SUV came under scrutiny for it's alleged safety design problems, including its connection to various roll-over crashes. It was replaced by the highly popular Ford Explorer.

As for the 2021 version, it will reportedly officer a range of options and features, including an ability to remove the doors and roof.

The new Bronco is expected to start at around $30,000, but as in every car, the add-on upgrades and amenities my push the price well above that number.

So, Happy Birthday?

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