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Offset Trashed By Alleged Assault Victim in Legal Battle With Cardi B

By Ryan Naumann

Offset is being accused by his alleged assault victim of lying about not being served with legal papers.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Giovanni Arnold says Offset believes he is above the law and is playing dirty games.

Last year, the autograph seeker sued Cardi B and Offset over an alleged assault that went down outside a New York hotel in May 2018. Arnold accuses the couple of orchestrating his beatdown, after asking for her autograph. Cardi denies all allegations of wrongdoing.

Offset argued for the case to be dismissed, saying Arnold never served him with the legal papers. He also believes Arnold wanted to get attacked in hopes of getting a settlement. In newly filed documents, Arnold trashes Offset’s claim he was never served. He says Offset, “purposefully avoided appearing in this action until after the statute of limitations for assault had expired.”

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Further, “The Defendant now wishes this court to ignore the fact that, while being served, he was informed “’s a lawsuit from Giovanni Arnold,” that Offset’s “attorney [is going to] want it[,]” was asked “did you want that or no,” and finally was told “you[‘re going to want to] give it to your attorney” by the process server. The Defendant’s utter disregard for the papers he was being handed, not unlike his utter disregard for the Plaintiff’s safety and well- being that make up the underlying facts of this action, is nothing more than a callous and willful attempt to elude liability.”

Arnold argues the lawsuit has been heavily covered in the media and Offset’s “own wife is a co-defendant to the action who has actively appeared since January 2019.”

He is demanding the court not dismiss Offset from the case. A judge has yet to rule.


In his lawsuit, Arnold claims that on May 5, following the Met Gala in New York, he was attacked by three of the couple’s bodyguards. He claims he ended up having to go to the hospital for his alleged face, neck, back and body injuries and sued seeking unspecified damages.

Cardi has denied all allegations of wrongdoing and demanded the lawsuit be thrown out. Offset argued Arnold begged to be beat in hopes of collecting a settlement.


His motion read, “Mr. Cephus had no physical contact with Plaintiff and did not intend to put Plaintiff in fear of physical harm. Mr. Cephus also did not order or instruct anyone to attack Plaintiff, or authorize any such attack. In fact, Mr. Cephus did not even witness the alleged attack.”

On the date in question, Offset says he does recall an individual approaching and yelling insults at his wife and him. He was following behind Cardi and noticed the man following them. He claims , “The man continued to yell taunts at Mr. Cephus such as “Please beat me up” and “I’ll take all your money.”

Offset says he believes the man was trying to “goad” him into beating him up so he could collect damages. He says he did not take the man’s bait and continued to walk.

The case is ongoing.

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