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'The Office' Is Leaving Netflix, And Fans Are Furious

By Emily Reily

"The Office" is leaving Netflix -- but not until January 2021. So really, there's no immediate need to panic, but since it's "The Office," people are panicking.

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That's the same question we had.

The Future Looks Bleak

Michael Scott is all of us.

Take a Deep Breath, People

Netflix also voiced its dismay at the news, but reassured fans that they had oodles of time left to enjoy the show on its site.

Fork Out Some Dough If You Love It So Much


The show will begin streaming from NBC's own service when its deal with Netflix runs out in 2021.

So it's not vanishing from the planet, but you may have to spend some money if you don't want to spend time at NBC, but those are the breaks.

NBC Is Paying a Decent Chunk For the Show

And it's not cheap for NBC Universal to run it either -- according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will cost them about $100 million every year for five years to stream the show.

Time For An Office Intervention

Some are confused as to why this news is so devastating to fans. It's been off the air for six years now -- get a grip.

The Let's Stab a Dummy Episode

The show is full of comedic gems; too many to count. Remember this one -- when the gang had to learn CPR but all they did was sing "Stayin' Alive," and Dwight cut off the dummy's face in a sort of Freddy Krueger moment?

See you on the other side, "The Office."

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