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NFL Star Odell Beckham Jr. Drops Paparazzi Extortion Lawsuit

By TheBlast Staff

Odell Beckham Jr. has reached a deal to dismiss the lawsuit he filed against a paparazzi agency accusing them of extortion.

On February 2, Odell and Splash News and Picture Agency filed joint court documents informing the court they are "dismissing the entire action."

The docs note the case will be closed officially and each will pay their own attorney fees.

Beckham, Jr. sued the photo agency last year, accusing them of trying to extort $40,000 from him after he used one of their photos on his social media.

He claimed photo agencies engage in the "pervasive and coercive practice of photographing celebrities without their knowledge, selling those celebrity photographs to gossip websites and publications for profit, and then demanding payment from the celebrity for purported copyright infringement."

Splash denied they attempted to extort Beckham Jr. and claimed they did nothing wrong by asking him to pay for using their work.

The case was headed to trial and the NFL star was even planning on calling a representative for Jessica Simpson to testify, due to her being sued over similar allegations of posting a photo of herself taken by an agency.

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