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Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman Shares Pic of 8 of Her Kids! 'This Is A Rare Occurrence'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman children look so grown up!

The 44-year-old mother of 14 shared a cute pic to her Instagram that featured eight of her lovely children. Suleman rose to fame when she gave birth to octuplets in 2009 but retreated from the spotlight to focus on her family. Now the mom seems to be happy and excited to share her life with the world again.

"While Aidan was sitting, distracted with sensory exploration in the dirt, I snapped a quick picture of all the little kids together," Suleman explained. "This is a rare occurrence considering how crazy active and energetic they all are! #ActiveLifestyle #FitFamily #KidsBeingKids"

Aidan is Nadya's 14-year-old son and the older brother to the octuplets. She previously revealed that he is “severely autistic” and “non-verbal.”

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Fans Loved It!


All of Nadya's fans expressed how much they loved seeing the picture and how glad they were that she is in a better place.

"They are so freaking adorable!" one fan wrote while another said, "What a lovely family. Great job momma!!!!☺️♥️"

Many of her followers wondered how she is able to manage everything... raising 14 kids cannot be easy.

"My goodness..the laundry alone must be constant. You are a super mom for sure. The kids look happy and healthy .. your family rocks..." a supportive mother said.

2020 Will Be Her Year


On January 2nd, Suleman shared a very detailed and emotional post about how she is overcoming the turmoil from her past and vowed to make a big comeback this year.

"First, I would like to focus on you kind supporters who have followed my family from day one, nearly 11 years ago. Thank you, I am grateful for your support. May bountiful blessings be bestowed onto you in this new year," she wrote.

"I will try to share far more frequently with you all this year; and in addition, elucidate misconceptions from my past. 2020 marks the seventh year since escaping the false life I was leading; forging on, building a better life for my family. I made a decision to repudiate all requests from tabloid type media (despite how lucrative the offer), as my goal is to progress, and publish my full true story."

'Refrain From Judging Me'


Suleman criticized the media for creating a "false identity" that negatively impacted her family's lives and explained why she disappeared from the public eye.

Her statement cont.

"The powerful media indoctrinated fragmented pieces of false narrative into the public’s minds, consequently creating a false identity from 2009-2013. Refrain from judging me solely based on the (struggling to survive) season you happened to walk in on.

"One of the greatest opportunities I’ve had (other than speaking at UCLA school of medicine), has been participating in a doctoral students research for her dissertation on “The Traumatic Impact of Media Humiliation, Misrepresentation, and Victim-Shaming on Narrative Identity and Well-being.” This experience has been enlightening as I never perceived myself as a “victim,” though the trauma I’ve endured has been indescribable. Despite the pain of my past, I’ve chosen to use my struggles as stepping stones, promoting my pursuit of achieving the goals I’ve set for my family. #HappyNewYear #NewBeginnings"

The important thing is that Nadya is happy and her kids look healthy and happy as well.

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