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O.J. Simpson's Prison Battling Army of Drones Before His Release

By TheBlast Staff

The prison housing O.J. Simpson is not only dealing with the biggest media circus they've ever encountered, they're also dealing with a barrage of drones buzzing over the prison walls.

Prison officials tell us there have been multiple drones flying above Lovelock Correctional Center trying to get a glimpse of the Juice before he is officially set free. We're told the aircrafts are a "significant threat."

Officials tell us the prison is prepared to "neutralize the threat by any means possible," which includes shooting them out of the sky. They haven't had to blast any down yet, but will not hesitate if it's deemed necessary.

Another option we're told is to snare the drone in a net shot out of a firearm ... which sounds pretty awesome.

We're told officials believe most of the drones are piloted by members of the media, and have been resorting to tracking down the culprits and forcing them to land the fliers rather than shoot them down.

We're told so far no arrests have been made, but it's still a long weekend until Simpson is set free on Monday.

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