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Nikki Bella Switches Clothes With Artem Chigvintsev For Baby Bumpin' 'Flip the Switch' Challenge

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nikki Bella's pregnancy is TikToking along with the help of her baby daddy, Artem Chigvintsev!

The expecting couple shared their versions of the viral "Flip the Switch" challenge on Tuesday night and their videos give new meaning to the questions about gender.

The funny video featured Nikki and Artem standing in the bathroom while Drake's song, "Flip the Switch" plays in the background. When the rapper gets to the point in the lyrics that go, "flip, flip," Artem turns the lights off and on. When the couple is visible again, their clothes are switched and he is applying lip gloss.

"mom and dad flipping that switch 💋," Nikki captioned her post.

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Flipped Their Wig


To top it off, Artem was seen sporting a long black wig to really sell the transformation into his pregnant love (as if her wrestling outfit wasn't enough). The couple, as well as Nikki's twin sister Brie and her family, are on self-quarantine together until the Coronavirus concern fades.

“In a time where the world is going through a pandemic being selfless, peaceful, helpful, calming, educating yourself and social distancing is so important,” Nikki wrote on social media earlier this month. “Being pregnant and already getting influenza b my first trimester there was no question about immediately going into hibernation. I thought about my baby’s safety immediately.”

Flipping The Baby Bump


Artem and Nikki didn't stop at just one 'Flip the Switch' challenge, they did another one that he shared to his Instagram feed. In his version, Artem suddenly grows a big baby bump while the lights are out. If only pregnancy was that quick in real life! We actually found his version a little funnier but it's clear, just like the rest of us, that they have a lot of time on their hands.

"All three of us did this challenge 😉🤰🏻 @thenikkibella #fliptheswitch #fliptheswitchchallenge," Artem captioned his video while referring to Nikki, his unborn child, and himself.

Quarantine Is Better Together


The "Total Bellas" stars revealed that they are social distancing to the max and will continue to do so until their babies are born. The twin sisters both called their current status "hibernating" and said they are limiting the contact they have with other people.

"Best thing about having your sister as your next door neighbor is hibernating together," Brie captioned some cute pics of the expecting mothers rubbing their baby bumps together. "Catching up on mediation and quality time. Finding calm in the midst of chaos. Sending love and light to my #BellaArmy ✨💛."

Quarantine while pregnant must be tough but it makes it a little better when you can share the burden with family.

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