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Pregnant Nikki & Brie Bella Announce 'Hibernation' Together To Protect Their Babies Amid Coronavirus Concerns

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nikki and Brie Bella cannot afford to take any chances because the twin sisters are expecting.

The "Total Bellas" stars revealed that they are social distancing to the max and will continue to do so until their babies are born. The twin sisters both called their current status "hibernating" and said they are limiting the contact they have with other people.

"Best thing about having your sister as your next door neighbor is hibernating together," Brie captioned some cute pics of the expecting mothers rubbing their baby bumps together. "Catching up on mediation and quality time. Finding calm in the midst of chaos. Sending love and light to my #BellaArmy ✨💛."

Nikki's Serious Announcement

While Brie's post was focussed on the blessing of living near family, Nikki's was focussed on protecting her baby even if that means canceling business opportunities.

"In a time where the world is going through a pandemic being selfless, peaceful, helpful, calming, educating yourself and social distancing is so important," Nikki explained on Instagram. "Being pregnant and already getting influenza b my first trimester there was no question about immediately going into hibernation. I thought about my baby’s safety immediately."

Nikki continued her lengthy post and described what her baby daddy Artem Chigvintsev, Brie, and Brie's daughter Bridie have been up to.

"I have been hibernating for a week or so already and have taken this time to increase my mediation, reading time, bonding time with Artem through fun activities, hanging with family, working from home, writing, playing board games and just enjoying the chill time."

Making Tough Decisions


The sisters noted that despite it being a difficult decision, they had to cancel many events and business stuff during these interesting times.

"Brie and I have had to cancel a lot of exciting things in our career, it was hard to but it was the right thing to do," Nikki explained. "This is a time to sacrifice and help. Let’s all think of our elderly, one of the people I love most in this world is my Nana.

"The things I have seen on social media I couldn’t even imagine if it was my Nana in that situation. Broke my heart. If you can and it’s safe for you, help our elderly, be thoughtful in the supplies you get, and see if you can do drop offs to them. This time is about hibernating, bonding, sharing and most importantly trying our best to be selfless and peaceful. Sending so much love and light to you all! 💛✨Also working on a very cool video with Artem for 9 million followers! Goodness thank you all! Love you all! And how blessed are we that we live in a time where we can stay connected through technology. Stay healthy and safe. ❤️🦋✨🌎"

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