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Nike Accuses Puma of Being a Footwear Copycat, Files Suit

By TheBlast Staff

Nike says Puma ripped off their patented shoe technology and are using them without permission, and now they're going after the apparel giant.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Nike claims they asked Puma multiple times to stop producing and selling merchandise with Nike's "Flyknit, Air, and cleat assembly." They claim Puma is refusing to comply.

Nike says they "bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world" and are known for "creating game-changing technologies and products that enhance athletic performance, reduce injury, and maximize comfort while reducing waste."

In contrast, the documents state that Puma "has forgone independent innovation and is instead using Nike's technologies without their permission."

The main product the Swoosh conglomerate is pissed over are athletic shoes that contain their patented Flyknit uppers, which is the breathable stretchy fabric. They also claim Puma is using technology found in their Nike Air line of shoes, as well as anything using Nike's "innovating soccer cleat assemblies."

Nike wants Puma to immediately stop selling all products that are allegedly infringing on Nike technology, and to collect damages based upon profit Puma has made off the gear in question.



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