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He Just Got Done Playing At Red Rocks


That Nicolas Cage sure is a chameleon.

He arrived at the Quiver Distribution movie premiere for Running With the Devil at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills wearing a scraggly beard, a low-brimmed hat, a worn-looking denim jacket and a T-shirt that looks like it reads "The Doors."

We've Seen This Guy Before


Cage was there with his son, Weston, who wore his hair slicked back, but that wasn't the news. It was Nicolas Cage looking like the Robert Redford meme.

He's Gonna Go Pan For Some Gold Next

Running With the Devil centers around a drug cartel CEO trying to solve a mystery as to why his cocaine shipments are being usurped. The drug CEO sends a henchman to figure out the mystery.

Besides Cage, the movie stars Laurence Fishburne, Peter Facinelli, Victoria La Mala, Pip Lustgarten and others.

Is He Getting His Senior Vitamins?

He's worn beards in the past, but this time, something is different.

First of all, his skin tone looks pretty poor, to be honest. He looks unhealthy and pale. His fur collar also appears, for lack of a better word, dirty.

We'd like to call a wellness check on Cage.

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