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Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant?! See The New Photos Fueling Speculation On Possible Baby!

By Mike Walters

Nicki Minaj is fueling speculation that she is expecting a new baby after the rapper posted several photographs where she appears to be hiding her possible baby bump!

The rapper just dropped a new track with Tekashi 6ix9ine, 'Trollz,' and as a part of the promotion for the music video, the Queen shared several behind the scenes photos of herself that have her fans going wild!

Also, it appears someone was very careful in the final edit of the music video to make sure she looked a certain way!

Take A Look!

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See The Photos LIGHTING Up The Pregnancy Rumors!


The 'Trollz' rapper posted this sexy snap as she was filming with Tekahi 69 inside his home, for the songs music video.

As you can see, Nicki is wearing bottoms to a skimpy bikini that perfectly covers the part of her stomach that WOULD be growing if she was pregnant.

Fans were very quick to point it out, saying, "Sis u pregnant, and Come thruuu baby bump."

Another person said, "Look at the baby bump."

A few questioned what they were seeing, adding, "Does she look pregnant to you, or am I tripping????"

You Be The Judge...

Is It A Cover-Up? You Be The Judge!


In the past few days, Nicki has also posted several photos from the promotional shots for 'Trollz' and she is covering her stomach in the pictures. (see above)

Several of Nicki's fans straight-up accused her of using makeup to blur the view of what is really going on in her mid-section. "What kind of makeup you got on your stomach," someone wrote.

Again, nothing is confirmed but her fans are LIGHTING up Instagram with their opinions, "My baby is pregnant?" another asked.

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Rapper Uses Filter In Huge IG Video, No Bottom Half?!


Nicki Minaj joined Tekashi 6ix9ine in a HUGE Instagram Live video that brought in almost a Million fans at one time, but again, her use of a filter started up the rumor mill!

Several fans pointed out that Nicki used a rainbow box filter during her video, and it perfectly cuts off the bottom half of her body -- without costing people the ability to see her face and hear the message. (above)

"Preggers mama," one person posted.

So, Is She Or Not?

Are We Hiding The Goods?


Well, this is not the first time Nicki has blown-up the internet with speculation she is preggo! And, she is definitely not denying it!

In May, the 'Say So' rapper fueled the speculation by tweeting about all the cravings she has been having including, "Steak. Shrimp. Plus my famous cheeseburgers. So good. Been really having red meat cravings then salad cravings with extra jalapeños. Ordered chicken nachos that didn’t come with jalapeños. Who does that? Wow." she wrote.

Of course, the requests for baby bump photos started to pour into her account...

Check This Out!

Nicki Fuels Speculation By Talking Food Cravings, And Nausea!


You can imagine, one quick-witted fan asked, "Are you also throwing up in the morning and having to go to the bathroom a lot?"

But, instead of blowing off the question, she responded, "Lmao. No throwing up. But nausea and peeing nonstop," the rapper responded. Adding, "Omg what do u think this means guys???? Lmaooooooooooo."

It didn't stop there, after tons of Nicki's followers pressed her for information, and questioned when they would start seeing her baby bump....she replied, "Yea in a couple of months, The world ain't ready yet 😘."

Or, maybe it is?!

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