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Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and others may be victims of hackers.

Celebrity Hackers Claim Intel On Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Others

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Emily Reily

Celebrity hackers are back in the news, as Fox News says they threaten to release information on Mariah Carey, LeBron James, Nicki Minaj and others.

The hackers had allegedly broken into a law firm operated by attorney Allan Grubman, who so far has refused to pay their demand for $42 million.

The hackers wrote: “Bribery celebrity’s [sic] by the Democratical [sic] party, sexual harassment by top politicians, envy of celebrity’s for each other … all of that is waiting for you in files of Grubman company.”

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Diddy also is apparently the victim of hackers.
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The group of hackers, who apparently is called REvil, put out a message on the dark web announcing that they're going to auction off information that they have on James, Minaj and Carey, to the tune of $600,000 for each celebrity.

REvil also says they have information on Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment, and they're looking for a price of $750,000 for that. But they're not done -- they also allegedly possess some "secret files" on Universal and MTV. Their asking price? $1 million for each company.

Celebrities and musicians like Nicki Minaj are apparently under attack from hackers.
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A spokesperson for the law firm Grubman, Shire, Meiselas & Sacks, says they are standing by their stance to not give in to the hackers.

“The most recent post is yet another desperate nuisance tactic these criminals are using to try to squeeze out a profit from stolen data.

“Our clients and the entertainment industry as a whole have overwhelmingly applauded the firm’s position that we will not give in to extortion.”

Hackers put out a statement on the dark web saying they had secret goods on celebrities.
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This news comes on the heels of previous contact from the hackers, who said in May that they had "dirty laundry" on President Trump via the Grubman breach.

But soon after that announcement, about a week later, the hackers said the stolen files were no longer available because they were sold to an anonymous source. This statement led officials to believe they never had anything in the first place.


Fox News cites a source that's near the law firm which says that the hackers are lying about this so-called inside information.

“The firm handles contracts and business matters, not criminal or marital issues. So the assertion that some salacious material is going to come out is a fraudulent attempt to gin up interest in some stolen files the firm won’t pay for.

“This group previously claimed to have ‘revealing’ documents about President Trump, who was never a client. This, like many of these criminal claims, proved to be false.”

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