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Nicki Minaj Ex-Stylist Asks Judge To Shut Down Rapper's Plea To Seal Video

By Ryan Naumann

Nicki Minaj’s ex-stylist is firing back at the rapper in their nasty legal battle over designer clothes.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Minaj’s ex-stylist, Maher Jridi, is demanding the judge not give the rapper special privileges.

Jridi sued Minaj accusing her of refusing to return expensive clothes. She counter-sued claiming he overcharged her. They have been battling it out in court for months.

In newly filed documents, Jridi is responding to Minaj’s demand for a protective order in the case. She claimed to fear the release of her videotaped deposition.

Jridi is asking the judge to shut down her request. He says Minaj has not provided any valid argument for the protective order.

He states, “Here, Defendant has not satisfied her burden for a protective order …. Rather than provide the appropriate factual showing for entitlement to the relief she seeks, Defendant simply asks for special treatment by virtue of her celebrity status.”

He demands the judge not give her special treatment for being famous.

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Last year, Maher Jridi sued Minaj first, accusing her of refusing to return expensive clothes he had borrowed from a third party.

The stylist says he worked with Minaj during 2017 and claims to have rented a bunch of outfits from a wardrobe company for her. He claims to have spent thousands on the rental clothes but never was reimbursed.

In his suit, he explained since he never returned the clothing, the company sued him and won a $74k judgment. The stylist accused Minaj of refusing to pay the bill and causing him emotional damage.

Minaj counter-sued him claiming she overpaid him to the tune of $12,000 and said he promised to repay but never did. She denied his claims of refusing to return clothes and demanded his suit be dismissed.


Recently, Minaj rushed to court pleading for the judge to seal her videotaped deposition. The rapper was deposed by her ex-stylist on September 20.

Minaj accuses Jridi of refusing to agree not to release the videotape. She says, “Even though parties dealing with each other in good faith routinely enter into form confidentiality stipulations to facilitate the free exchange of confidential information and testimony during discovery, here, Plaintiff refuses to do so.”


The motion continues, “Given Maraj’s fame as a world- renowned rapper and entertainer, she fears Plaintiff intends to publicly disseminate confidential document discovery and pre-trial testimony in order to embarrass or otherwise damage her.”

Further, “Because of some of the subjects explored during the deposition, Maraj’s counsel again raised the subject of a confidentiality stipulation in order to restrict the use and dissemination of the transcript and video of Maraj’s deposition, but again, plaintiff’s counsel refused to agree.”

The judge has yet to rule.

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