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Cardi B's Team Says Its 'Absolutely False' Payola Was Given for Airplay, Despite Nicki Minaj's Accusation

By TheBlast Staff

Cardi B nor her management ever made any nefarious deals to get her music on the radio, according to sources close to the rapper.

Sources directly involved in the management and music promotion for Cardi B's debut album tell The Blast it is "absolutely false" that anyone got paid or gifts in exchange for airtime. They're responding to Nicki Minaj going on her Queen Radio and eviscerating her hip-hop foe.

We are told her manager at the time, Klenord Raphael aka Shaft, did "harass and bother" a plethora of DJ's and radio stations to get Cardi on the air while she was up and coming, but are told that everything he did was above board.

On Monday, Minaj responded to the fight between the two at NYFW and refuted ever talking about Cardi's parenting or baby Kulture. She also accused the "Be Careful" singer of using payola to get famous.

Sources close to Cardi's team tell us they think Minaj's claims are "ridiculous" and that she just needs to realize that Cardi B is a bonafide star, regardless of what she thinks.

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