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Antonio Brown Court Battle Over 'Belligerent' Deposition Heats Up, Video May Be Released

By Ryan Naumann

Ex-NFL star Antonio Brown is back fighting to block the release of the videotape of his court deposition.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Brown is demanding video of him allegedly being “belligerent” be kept from the public. The landlord suing him is objecting and believes the tape should be released.

Last week, Brown’s ex-landlord accused the ex-NFL star of being “belligerent” during the depo.

In court documents, the landlord claimed Brown was “extremely noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly.” He says his “shameful behavior” warrants an order requiring him to sit for another deposition and sanctions. He is demanding Brown be hit with $10,000 in sanctions.

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Brown fired back accusing the landlord of calling the media and ambushing him. The ex-NFL star demanded the deposition video be sealed and not released to the public.

In newly filed court documents, the landlord calls out Brown’s plea to seal the tape. He says the ex-NFL star should have acted right in the deposition, if he feared the tape would be released.

He says the court should not buy into Brown’s “celebrity” argument either.

The landlord states, “Defendant (who was well aware that the deposition was being videotaped) had the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way, to answer the questions posed, and to properly conclude the proceeding. Such civil and unremarkable behavior would certainly not garner nearly much interest from the media and public. Instead, the Defendant engaged in evasive and obstructive behavior including refusing to answer questions, insisting the entire proceeding was a “joke”, texting on his cell phone, arbitrarily imposing a five-minute “countdown” during the proceeding, and eventually walking out.”

He wants the court to allow for the videotape to be released.


Last year, Brown was sued by his landlord, Aqualina 1402 LLC, who leased him a $7 million oceanfront Miami condo.

The NFL star leased the luxury condo starting in February 2018. The home was furnished with “high-end custom furniture such as leather couches. Silk fabric-covered sofas and top of the line appliances.”

The landlord accuses Brown of leaving the home in severe damage. He said the NFL star breached the lease by “destroying, damaging, defacing the premises, as well as furnishings, appliances and other personal belongings” of the owner.The owner said they had to spend a substantial amount on repairs. He claimed Brown refused to pay up despite demands. He sued seeking unspecified damages.

Brown fired back and countersued Aqualina 1402, along with the personal owner Vladimir Kirsanov.He denies all allegations of wrongdoing and demanded the suit against him be dismissed.

Brown says any damages caused “are solely and completely attributable to Plaintiff’s own conduct.” He claims to have tried to give the landlord replacement furniture. Brown says the owner refused to let his team back into the home.

Brown said he paid all money owed on the lease, plus extra. He says he paid $140,250 to move in (three months’ rent, security deposit and a cleaning fee).

The NFL star moved out of the unit after “being the victim of a theft.” Brown sued demanding the return of his $35,000 deposit.

Brown recently rushed to court attempting to block his long-time sports agent from testifying in the case. A judge has yet to rule.

Both cases are still ongoing.

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