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Anderson Cooper's Face After His First Jäger Shot Is The Greatest New Year's Eve Moment EVER!

By Mike Walters

In the single greatest New Year's Eve moment of all time, Anderson Copper took the first Jager shot of his life on live television, and his reaction is the funniest thing so far in 2020!

In the final moments of 2019 and the CNN broadcast of NYE, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper took a Jager shot before tossing to the ball drop.

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The Shot!


Before taking the shot, Andy spends some time explaining what the alcohol actually is before simply saying "college students" like to drink it.

The two guys poor a shot, and the rest is television GOLD.

The classic moment happens following the shot and watching Anderson's reaction to how it tastes. It is the funniest thing you have ever seen!

Mr. Cooper's reaction is so great, Andy even has to continue to talk while Anderson gets a drink of water. This is the kind of moment you rewind the TV over and over and over! You have to see it!

The Best Face Ever!


For some of us this was the perfect way to end 2019 and start 2020!

Fans watching the broadcast couldn't agree more lighting up Twitter after it happened, "Anderson Cooper’s reaction on live TV to his first-ever Jager shot is the perfect ending to 2019," one person wrote."

"Anderson Cooper asked "what is Jager" and he nearly died on live TV. Quote Anderson: "Who drinks this?" another tweeted.

We have to all agree with this one, "The more I think about it - if I do nothing but live my life in 2020 with the same unabashed response that @andersoncooper had to taking that jager shot - I will have LIVED. "

Happy New Year...


One fan tweeted, "Watching @andersoncooper take a shot of jager on live TV was something I wish I could bottle up and watch on a loop forever."

Oh ya, they also had Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, Shania Twain, Patti LaBelle, Keith Urban, 50 Cent and the Chainsmokers on their CNN broadcast. But, this moment with Anderson Cooper will bring us all back to watch for many years to come!

Happy New Years!

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