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'The Neverending Story' Star Noah Hathaway Accuses Ex-GF of Harassment, Kicking Dog

By TheBlast Staff


06/05/18 -- Noah Hathaway failed to appear in Tuesday's court hearing and the restraining order has been dismissed.

05/18/18 — The Blast spoke with Elizabeth Medlin who vehemently denies all of Noah Hathway's allegations, stressing that she would never hurt his dog. Medlin tells us she plans on pressing charges against Hathway and will be taking legal action soon.

The man who played Atreyu in the classic movie, "The Neverending Story," says his ex-girlfriend has made his life a living hell and wants her kept away.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Noah Hathaway says Elizabeth Medlin has been harassing him, his family and his friends. The two used to date and live together.

Hathaway says he and Medlin have gotten into multiple fights this year, including in April after Hathaway says she had been drinking. He claims Medlin called him a "piece of shit" before he locked himself in the bathroom for protection. Hathaway says while he was on the phone with police and locked in the bathroom, Medlin banged on the door and screamed that he was in possession of guns and that he was being physically abusive.

He also claims during a recent fight, Medlin kicked his dog, and also told him she was pregnant but she was going to get an abortion because, "No would would want a child with a piece of shit like you!"

Along with the restraining order, Hathway wants Medlin to return his cell phone, title to his car, passport and check book.

Hathaway's temporary request was granted and Medlin stay 100 yds away until their hearing next month.

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