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Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is Getting Its Own Parody

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Gabriela Silva

Earlier this year on February 15th, Netflix released a new show called ‘The Umbrella Academy’. The first season had only ten episodes and starred actors like Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, Mary J.Blige and Adam Godley.

The show is a comic book adaptation by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá and it's now getting its own parody by ‘The Hillywood Show’. ‘The Hillywood Show’ is a YouTube channel created by Hilly and Hannah Hindi that create parodies of some of our favorite blockbuster films.

Giphy | The Umbrella Academy

‘The Umbrella Academy’ revolves around a family of adopted siblings who were all born at the same time in different parts of the world by different women. All seven children were adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. These are not your normal children, each child has their own special power, which Hargreeves helps develop in order to turn them into a superhero team.

Like any family, there are hardships and fights and it causes the family to grow apart. With the death of their father, the siblings reunite and there are secrets to uncover.

The Hollywood Show’ announced, on April 11th of this year, their plan to create a parody based on the show. This past Saturday, they announced a never before seen lineup of the actors who will take on some of the show's roles. Their tweet revealed a poster lineup of the actors with their corresponding numbers.

In the show, Hargreeves is not the best father figure and gives the children numbers instead of names. Their real names are given by Grace, a robot nanny who acts as a mother figure.

Although it is still unclear on who Hilly and Hannah are playing the superhero team, 'The Hillywood Show’ did reveal that Matt Cohen and Tahmoh Penikett will be guest starring in the parody.

Cohen will be portraying Klaus, aka number four, and Penikett will be portraying Luther, aka number one. Luther has the ability of super strength and is the only sibling who didn’t move away from home. With his handsome good looks and caring persona, he also has the upper body of an ape.

Giphy | The Umbrella Academy

Klaus, on the other hand, is a drug addict who has a knack for drama and is quite flamboyant but uses it as a mask to hide his real pain of being able to communicate with the dead.

The parody is set to debut on Youtube on November 21st. Whether you watch the show before watching the parody or watch the parody before watching the show, you will fall in love with each unique character and delve into their world of family chaos.

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