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1. A Controversial Series

Giphy | Insatiable

Not every Netflix series is beloved, but the first season of Insatiable was met with a heavy dose of vitriol. Critics of the serious pointed out the show's problematic treatment of fat people and a general mean spiritedness that put people off.

2. A Second Season Trailer

Even so, it still earned a second season, and the trailer dropped on Monday ahead of its October 11 release date. While the first season focused on the formerly fat Patty as she adjusts to a newer, thinner life, the second season seems to have murder in mind. Star Debby Ryan intones over the trailer opening:

"I'm Patty Bladell, and I'm not your typical pageant queen."

Not many pageant queens are murder suspects, so she is technically correct.

3. Will You Be Watching?

Giphy | Insatiable

The first season was so controversial that there was an online push to get it cancelled before it was even released, but enough people watched it that Netflix decided to give it another go. The moral of the story: even if you're hate watching, those clicks still count.

Insatiable season two hits Netflix on October 11, so prepare yourself for murderous beauty queens (or you could just watch Drop Dead Gorgeous).

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