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'The Haunting of Hill House' Former Owners Describe Real-Life Haunts In Georgia Mansion

By TheBlast Staff

The mansion used for Netflix's hit show, "The Haunting of Hill House," is actually haunted in real life, this according to the former owners who lived on the terrifying property for years.

Neil and Trish Liechty, who bought Bisham Manor in 2013, tell us the 11,000 sq ft home located in LaGrange, GA is definitely haunted by "4 or 5 ghosts." The Liechty's former English-Tudor style mansion is used as the exterior shots for the Crain family home in the horror series.

Neil says he never believed in the spirit world until he and his wife moved on to the property, but he recalls multiple incidents where "strange things" would happen in the home without any explanation.

He says on multiple occasions, music would blare upstairs from the basement, although Neil claims he never installed any sort of equipment to facilitate music.

He also describes often smelling tobacco smoke in the house throughout the rooms on property, but insisted nobody in his family smoked. Neil says things got really weird when his cellphone disappeared from his desk and then reappeared weeks later in the exact same spot. His wife denied having anything to do with the missing phone, and Neil strongly believes a spirit was involved.

As for where the unruly spirits came from, Neil and his wife believe they hail from the early 1920s and lost their lives in another home that used to be built on the property.

We're told when the house was built between 1997 - 2002, the owner at the time left one original room intact from the original building. That room has become the epicenter of paranormal activity, and Neil says his run-ins with ghosts were all centered around the area.

Neil and Trish sold the house over a year ago, before Carla Gugino and Michael Huisman went into production for the Netflix show, and they tell us they have yet to see an episode. It's pretty apparent that they've already lived the nightmare once, and aren't seeking out a need to relive it.

Unfortunately, when the couple moved to a new home across town, they claim the spirits followed. Neil says their new home, a winery called Nutwood Plantation, quickly showed signs of paranormal activity when they moved in, including battery operated candles ( with no batteries ) turning on at the stroke of midnight every evening.

Oh, and there's also the two ghosts who were apparently photographed during a couple's wedding on the property ... they were watching the ceremony from a balcony attached to a private room.

Luckily, the Liechty's spirits seem peaceful. The ones on the Netflix show? Not so much.

Happy Halloween!

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