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Nelly's Sexual Assault Accuser Graphically Details Alleged Incident: Read Her Harrowing Account

By TheBlast Staff

For the first time, one of the women accusing Nelly of sexual assault is giving graphic details about the night she says the rapper forced her to perform oral sex.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a declaration was filed by Jane Doe 2 as part of the legal battle between Monique Greene, the woman who claimed Nelly sexually assaulted her on his tour bus in October 2017. The rapper was never prosecuted, but Greene filed a lawsuit instead.

Jane Doe 2 says that in December 2017, she attended Nelly’s show in Essex, England with a few girlfriends. They paid money to get a photo taken with the rapper.

She says when she got to Nelly, he asked her to stay behind to talk. Jane Doe 2 says Nelly eventually asked her to come to his dressing room and allowed her girlfriends to tag along.

According to Jane Doe 2, Nelly then asked her to go with him into to a small room next door. Once inside the room, Jane Doe 2 says, "Nelly closed the door, stood in front of it, and dropped his trousers. I told him to pull his trousers up. Defendant Nelly started masturbating and said, 'You want this dick don’t you?'"

She claims she continued to reject him and "Nelly put his hands down my top and tried to pull it off. This was without my consent."

Jane Doe 2 says she tried to diffuse the situation by explaining she has a spouse and kids, but "Nelly told me that didn’t matter." Eventually, she says Nelly pulled up his pants and started walking towards her.

**WARNING: Some of the language used going forward is NSFW**

"I am 4/11 and petite," she explained. "As he approached I tried to move back but there was nowhere I could go. He dropped his trousers and said he really wanted me. Defendant Nelly began to masturbate again. He told me I wanted him. I repeated I did not. Defendant Nelly tried to kiss me two times. He said he wanted 'to come in your mouth and all over you.' I continued to evade and refuse him."

Jane Doe 2 then claims, "Nelly then grabbed my hand and placed it on his penis. I pulled my hand away and told him generally the following: That’s enough. Who the fuck do you think you are. Look mate I had a really nice time at the concert. You may have sold records and have a lot more money in your bank than I do. But this doesn’t make you more special than me. Pull your trousers up back up and fuck off."

Her tone seemed to upset Nelly, saying, "Suddenly Defendant Nelly clenched his fist and his whole demeanor completely changed. He got a look on his face that scared me. I looked around and didn’t know how to get out of the room. I said, 'are you going to hit me?' he responded, 'no I’m just frustrated, I’m not used to not getting my way, just do it.'"

"And then Defendant Nelly put his right hand on the back of my head and his left hand on my shoulder and forced my head down pushing his erect penis into my mouth," she claims. "I was in utter shock. Once he thought had me in position, Defendant Nelly released my shoulder. I jumped back, twisted and fell backwards into the shower curtain. I was able to scramble out of the room."

After gathering her friends, Jane Doe 2 says she began to leave the room when Nelly stopped her.

"As we were leaving, Defendant Nelly physically reached out and pulled me back while I was on the stairway. He told me in a threatening manner, 'I will find you,'" she claims.

Jane Doe 2 says she never went to the police with what happened because she felt no one would believe her. She eventually spoke to police after they reached out to her.

Nelly has denied all allegations and believes Jane Doe’s claims have no relevance to the lawsuit with Monique Greene. His girlfriend has also come to his defense, claiming she was with him on the dates in question.

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